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I wanted a 2-tiled version of the basegame blinds but I couldn't find them anywhere (the way I wanted them to be), so I decided to make 'em myself. They're slaved to the 1-tile Maxis blinds, meaning they should pick up your defaults and recolors. Yay!

[Image: DXF_Blinds_2Tiles1_zps580d52cc.jpg]

I've tried to make them fit most 2-tiled windows, but they might be a bit too wide or small for some of them, see attached pics. As for height; it's advisable to use the mod from MATY to make them shift up and down. That way, they'll always look good.

The colors in the pics are my own defaults and recolors in Anna's color pallette. I'm sure everyone and their mother already have those, but if not, I've made my own version here. Feel free to snag and use.

A little note for the critics out there: the mesh only has a 1-tile footprint. It doesn't affect anything, but it's an aesthetical thing while decorating because you'll only see 1 green square. Personally, I'm kind of bummed about it. I gave up trying to add another tile though. It was quite a pain in the backside.

That said, I hope I did everything right. Enjoy! Smile
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2-Tiled Blinds (Maxis Add-on) Screenshot 2-Tiled Blinds (Maxis Add-on) Screenshot 2-Tiled Blinds (Maxis Add-on) Screenshot        
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#2 23-06-2013
Thank you, welcome to the leefish upload process Big Grin Not fancy like MTS, but then we have a fansee and that is fancy enough. Its a blind - the footprint is NOT a huge deal.

#3 23-06-2013
Great idea, thanks for sharing. Smile

#4 23-06-2013
It looks fantastic! I love the Maxis 1 tile version of this blind so a 2 tile one will come in very handy. And indeed, the footprint is no problem at all. Thanks for sharing, and for linking to your recolours too! I didn't already have them but I do now! Big Grin


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