Recolours not showing in Game
#1 25-06-2013 
I've come across something I have never seen before and for the life of me I can't figure out how to fix it. It is driving me insane.

I recoloured the SimWardrobe Menu board the usual way, however when I go in game they are there but all still have the original texture. I even recoloured the object it was cloned from to see if the problem lay with it. I've done a search and can't find anything concerning this problem or how to fix it, so now I'm asking you guys. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be or have suggestions on how to solve it.

The SimWardrobe Menu Board mesh can be found HERE.

.zip (Size: 286.04 KB / Downloads: 527)

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#2 25-06-2013 
Actually - that's a problem with the mesh/package - it's a very old mesh, and I think we set it up in v19 or v20 of SimPE. So Old.

I've been meaning to fix it for ages but to be honest I'd never ever seen anyone use it, and no-one complained so I figured that it wasn't being used.

I'll make up a new package, and swap it over.

#3 25-06-2013 
yea, I never knew it existed or I would probably not have bothered making mine Big Grin

#4 25-06-2013 
That would have been a shame Lee, I like yours! Smile

Back in the old day, James did the meshing and attaching the mesh to the package, and I did the texturing and fixing up the object package. So all the responsibility for a package that acts wonky is mine.

ETA: Is there a quick n' dirty make a mesh recolourable checklist? I've made the new package but the mesh isn't showing in game.

#5 25-06-2013 
@ Kiri, sorry, it was driving me crazy trying to figure out what was wrong. I'll just scrap it for now, if you do make a new package I'll recolour it for you.

@ Lee, I didn't know you made one.

*Michelle is sorry she couldn't resist. Tongue

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You can find more of my work at Mod The Sims and Plumb Bob Keep.

#6 25-06-2013 
On MTS - total oldie Big Grin

Does the menu bit recolor? Like has it two subsets?

#7 25-06-2013 
Yes 2 subsets, so I did English and Simlish mix and match, BTW someone stole leesester and replaced her with leefish. Smile

#8 25-06-2013 
Yea, the admins are running about changing names Big Grin


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