Stuck on Profiles
#1 26-06-2013 
I have spent the last week staring at the profiles. I even talked to a duck. No progress.

What (if anything) do you guys want to see on the profile? Tabbed or one long page?

Alll ideas are welcome - I can't guarantee I can deliver on an idea but I have none, so. Sad

#2 26-06-2013 
I'm happy with one long page. I rarely look at my profile page or anybody else's so what's currently on them is fine.

#3 26-06-2013 
I would like to see thumbnails of that person's latest uploads with a clear link to the rest of their uploads if there are any. A clear PM button. Like on the old profiles, basically.

Beyond that IDK.... normal profile page stuff I guess. Links to the person's latest posts and threads, a link to their policy if they have one. Join date is nice to see. A link to their personal blog or MTS page or whatever link they want to share. Their avatar. Y'know, typical stuff. I can't think of anything revolutionary. The old profiles had a cool tumblr feed but if that's too tough to incorporate (either technically or design-wise) then I think it's okay to drop it.

#4 26-06-2013 
I think you are doing well:
- avatar - nickname - location - on/offline and you could add additional information directly there (so you have all infos in an unique place) on the left and PM - WWW - EMAIL buttons on the right.
- then biography (if the user has written something)
- then tabs menu with: signature, guestbook, activity, latest thumbnails, tumblr

#5 26-06-2013 
I like what we have already Smile
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#6 27-06-2013 
Just checked out a few profiles, have to admit I'm impressed. I like the layout, like the information included (well apart from birthday, not year, should be compulsory Wink). Love the uploads pages with 'Terms of Use' on the bottom. I'm Tumblr illiterate so I don't know about that but overall I think the profiles are clean clear and easy to use, can't ask for anything more than that. So 10/10 for the profiles Lee. Heart

#7 27-06-2013 
Thank you Shell, I am trying to make the profiles a bit nicer for folks who have uploaded, they are not 100% finished yet, but thank you for the feedback regarding the direction I am going with them Big Grin

I really hope that everyone will like them.
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