SimPE - V0.73.44.37511(alpha)
#1 30-06-2013 
I'm assuming that this is the last version of SimPE?

I've noticed that although I have Life Stories, Pet Stories and Castaway Stories installed on my PC, that if I try to include it in the file table it goes into a fit - unticks all the other games, and then pushes out an array error. Has that always been the case?

Not for any reason, but I was doing one of my regular - lets hit this button and see what it does trawls through the SimPE.
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#2 30-06-2013 
Hmm, that is the version I have - but I don't have the Stories games on my PC. I DO know that they worked fine with the AL version.

#3 30-06-2013 
It looks like the array error goes with Pet and Castaway, but not Life Stories - but unticking all games occurs for all 3.

Pet and Castaway currently have a strange error:

"A required security module cannot be activated.
This program cannot be executed (5024)."

So this may be a post-EA site installing error (I installed all 3 yesterday). Both of those had a need to find a website that wasn't there. Life Stories doesn't. It also had the Graphics problems, but putting in the appropriate video and graphics rules fixed that.


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