How to get simPE to see CEP
#1 01-07-2013 
I posted this over on MTS and it seems no one knows, but simPE refuses to see CEP. The other day I wanted to learn how to make painting recolours which is how I discovered it. I did a search on my computer and found the CEP pdf which goes through what files to add and I thought I added all of them. The folders in my installation files, the folder inside my download folder and the one inside the sims 2 folder. All show up ticked in the list in simPE, but when I click on photo workshop, I think it's called? It says CEP is not found, install CEP. Sad Now I have simPE on my C drive and my game on D drive, but simPE sees my game folders just fine. Object workshop works and I can extract sims etc, it's just photo workshop that refuses to work.
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#2 01-07-2013 
You mean the object workshop?

Where is the CEP on your computer?

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No the picture one under tools. I can't open simPE right now as I have my game running, but where you go to recolour game pictures. I tried using a tutorial for object workshop which dealt with pictures but I got lost, the picture I tried to use as a mesh never showed up. I'm not a cc maker, I've only recoloured a couple of kids clothes and a couch via tutorials, so I am probably not calling it the correct name. I'll see if I can find the tutorial I wanted to use.

....Here It's called Photo Studio. So it's photo Studio giving me the message CEP can't be found.

CEP is in my Sims 2 folder and my download folders on C drive and in my installation files on D drive. D/ program files (x86) EAGAMES/ The Sims 2/SData\Res\Catalog\zCEP-EXTRA

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Well, I have only ever used Object Workshop, but we can help you to do it. Where are you stuck? If you can open OW and then all you need is a bit of help then that does sound like a better plan really Big Grin

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I never recolour pictures using the picture studio, I always recolour the same way I recolour an object in simPE. I originally learnt to recolour from watching TheNinthWaves video tutorial Recoloring Maxis Objects. It's more beginner friendly than some of the written tutorials out there. I don't know all the ins and outs of SimPE but if I can help with recolouring at any time just let me know.

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Thanks guys, I'll check out that tutorial. Many tutorials seem to assume people know stuff which cc making noobs like me don't know! I'd like to have photoshop but dh had a look and said it was over $600 over here. O_O So I'm struggling along with Gimp, at least for the moment.

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There's a tutorial here about doing basic painting using SimPE Object workshop - "Recolouring a tapestry" It's about how to do a CC painting, but it's the same process for CC as for EA.

The photo studio had to have templates made, I believe - it was one of the reasons I never bothered with it.

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Thanks I'll look that over as well. Smile So maybe it's because I don't have those templates. It's just aggravating it can't find CEP when CEP is right there in the ticked list.

In object workshop I was trying to use the lady In Red painting as a mesh for some pictures for my MTS build contest entry, but I ended up using some pictures I downloaded. Wasn't really happy with them, but it's done now.

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Don't worry about not having Photoshop, I paid for it and still can't figure it out, I use GIMP all the time.

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You're the first person I've come across who actually prefers Gimp over Photoshop! Lol, maybe I'll be able to pick your brain some. Big Grin


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