A Hopefully simple request
#11 04-07-2013 
Yeah, The OBOR one pulls the OBOR announcement but it still pulls everything else too. I have it set to 1 but it still pulls more than 1 too.

#12 04-07-2013 
Ok, now I put the code back in, it does not show up at all. I altered the portal code, added those variables with my forum ids, put the variable under the mugen tab on the portal, added the new templates with the new names.

#13 04-07-2013 
Post the portal code - all of it please.

#14 05-07-2013 
Sorry, 4th of july, celebration time, etc. All that. I'll post the portal code now.

There was an error performing the update.The message is too long. Please enter a message shorter than 10000 characters (currently 70253).
I got this error when trying to post my whole portal code.

OK, here we go:

Don't mind the others, I'm just working on the mugen section for now, then once I get it, I'll work on the rest.

Sorry, that is a members only option