Repository to EA Object - Bookcase
#1 04-07-2013 
Lee - or anyone who is clever with repositories...

I've mucked this up - and I can't tell how. What I'm doing is repositoring Komasutra's Art Nouveau add-ons to the original Novella Nouveau Bookcase (what it was cloned from).

As far as I can tell, I've done the repository part ok. It picks up the default texture. What it doesn't do, is pick up any of the recolours.

Attached is the original Bookcase before I slaved it, the slaved Bookcase with whatever I've done wrong, and a couple of recolours for testing purposes.

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#2 04-07-2013 
Kiri check out your GMND > tsMaterialsMeshName, I think you will find you have put the Name and String (CRES) backwards. It should read bookcaseartnouveau_wood_mahogany = (String) bookcaseArtNouveau and bookcaseloft_books = (String) bookcaseArtNouveau . I will change it and check it in game for you I changed it and checked it out, it's working now. You might also like to give it a new GUID as the 2 files you sent appear to have the same GUID.

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#3 04-07-2013 
Ahh!!! Thanks Michelle!! That explains everything!

It's ok for it to have the same GUID - the slaved one is replacing the original one. That is, The 'Original' is the one that isn't slaved to the EA version. The Slave is the one that is slaved to the EA version.

#4 05-07-2013 
You're welcome Kiri, I don't get to help solve problems often because of the time difference. Smile Reason I mentioned the GUID was the un-slaved version overrode the slaved version, when I had both in my game, thinking about it maybe I installed the un-slaved version last. Tongue

#5 05-07-2013 
I'm planning to ask people to remove the un-slaved version. I don't believe there was ever any recolours for it. (Or if there were, I'm going to put them back on the original EA one).

But yeah, the slaved and un-slaved version can't go into the game together.


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