Another Repository Question
#11 08-07-2013 
I have to fix the shadows on the add-ons now. They're all the same as the original EA Bookcase.

#12 08-07-2013 
the wall shadows?

#13 08-07-2013 
Yeah - the indoor shadows. The 3-tile bookcase and the flipped bookcase look wrong with the original bookcase shadow. Do you know if there's a tutorial around somewhere?

#14 08-07-2013 
Are you using Milkshape? If so, then get the CatofEvilGenius UV flip from here :

Follow the install directions, then you should be able to flip the map.

Or, and this is what I do - load the object - and its shadow - into MilkShape. Then delete the bookcase so you only have the shadow, go to the Tools tab. Find MirrorAll and select mirror left>right. That should now have flipped the mesh and you can reuse it.

the two things combined will definitely work, you just need to fiddle with it.

Regarding the middle section - you might be best remapping the shadow to half of the original and then mirroring that.....

My assumption here is that you want to reuse the game shadow file.

#15 08-07-2013 
Have downloaded the IV Flip.

Have found Boblishman's tutorial on creating shadows, and had a bit of a go - looks like for the right flipped bookcase, flipping the texture is mostly good enough, except that the books weren't flipped, so I've re-flipped them back on the texture. Testing it now.

Definitely want to re-use the game shadow file.

It looks like for the 3-tile, I can use the left and right flip, but will need to create the middle, and I'm also going to have to increase the shadow size, as it's still set at 1 tile.

And this means I'm going to have to re-install Milkshape. Something I've been avoiding, because I don't know where my registration key is!

#16 08-07-2013 
If you flip the texture you cannot reuse it - you need to flip the mesh. That is why I did not link you to the Boblishman tutorial Tongue

If you are struggling then upload the file and I will fix it for you.

#17 08-07-2013 
Hi Lee,

Not struggling yet - just experimenting. I found with boblishman's tutorial - that the texture was fine, as long as I returned it to the RAW8Bit format. But it does end up in the wrong place - so doing the mesh way will be better.

I will do it your way now, once I've found my registration key.

I like to experiment Big Grin

(No where I have been struggling and giving up in disgust is trying a hair retexture, without having any warp tools).

#18 08-07-2013 
Yea, by reuse I of course mean that you link the shadows file - no shadow texture in the package - repo'd to the original.


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