Cousins are no family
#1 15-07-2013 
I downloaded your beautiful step-family romance mod and searched everywhere for another mod, but could only find extended family mods. And that's not what I'm looking for.
Is there a way to make Sims don't recognize cousins as familiy? In my game cousins marry a lot and every time I sever the family ties with the inSimenator. But a mod who does that, would be great.
TychoH, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jul 2013.

#2 16-07-2013 
Interesting idea. Once my PC is in working order again, I'll see if this can be done, TychoH. Smile

#3 17-07-2013 
Thank you Big Grin Good luck with it.

#4 10-10-2013 
This thing still going on? Would love to see this happen Smile
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#5 10-10-2013 
There is the plan for me to try and fix my PC relatively soon. After that, I intend to start working on several projects including this one. If others beat me to it, however, I see no problem with that. Smile

#6 11-10-2013 
Awesome ^^
magicslippers, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Oct 2013.

A screaming gravity cat (during daylight only) ☀☀☀

#7 23-08-2016 
Was this ever made possible? It would be awesome as I have a five generation family that has married into just about every townie family there is and as the kids are growing into adulthood just about everybody is cousins to each other. Guess I should just start a new town and family but I love this one as you can tell. Original mother to family has 24 children and is preggers again.

#8 23-08-2016 
No, I'm sorry. I never got to work on it. After my two year hiatus, I've never gotten back the drive to pick up modding again. I can no longer pretend to be an active modder. It's over and done. I've recently decided to retire, hang my SimPE by the neck until it's dead!

#9 23-08-2016 
Sorry to hear it BO all the ones I've DL that you have done have been wonderful. Maybe I'll learn how to do it (someday with some guidance)

#10 23-08-2016 
What a sad thing to read... truly the End of an Era. the community has lost a wonderful and gifted creator.

Enjoy your retirement. Would it be terrible of me to hope you come across a really annoying feature missing from the game, that drives you to come out of retirement and pick up the mantle again? =)

Thanks for all your contributions, BO!



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