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Hello again! Another small lot for you today, this time in the form of a 1x1 lot, based off of home I have seen built from shipping containers. The name of this lot comes from the smallest bit of frustration I have been having whilst trying to upload this to another well-known simming website - sometimes, a wall is just a wall.

PLEASE NOTE - This house also requires Kitchen and Bathroom Stuff, which wasn't an option on the drop-down at time of upload.

This lot is designed to have pretty much everything a sim needs to productively skill and move up the career ladder fast, with a bookcase, a telescope and a mirror for the skills they impart, plenty of space for skipping/yoga on the front lawn, and a space for the inevitable free computer from Mr Humble to build creativity. The lot has a tiny greenhouse with 3 gardening patches and sprinkler for your green-fingered sims, and a compost bin for those who aren't so gardening-inclined. I did remember to add a fire alarm after a rather disastrous fire when playtesting, and there's a phone for all your sim's pizza needs.

The upper floor of the lot has a double bed pushed up against the wall - fine for a single sim as I've been playing the game, but if you're planning on having a couple in this lot I suggest getting hold of the Use Inaccessible Beds hack from Simlogical. There is also a small bathroom with loo and shower on the upper floor, not huge but it does the job.

That darned wall!

The lot is a starter at a neat 17,947 simoleans, leaving enough money over to afford a taxi downtown when your sim gets claustrophobic on such a small lot! Finally, the lot is CC-Free

My thanks to Leefish, fanseelamb, and Mootilda for the LotAdjuster
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#2 15-07-2013
Such a cute little house. Thanks for sharing, Loaf. Smile

#3 16-07-2013
Cute house, Loaf!

#4 16-07-2013
I agree sometimes a wall is just a wall, I've never seen shipping containers with bay windows or verandahs, unfortunately some people want everything fancy and prettied up...maybe some graffiti wall masks would work. I think it is a clever idea for starting out or down on their luck Sims. Thank you for sharing it. Smile


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