Fixing a mod of the Debug Hug
#21 21-07-2013 
Aww thanks. I don't tend to think they are so special myself but I'm glad people like them.
Dominie has started fixing some and Leefish told me to put up a list of the MTS ones here so we can be organized.

Maybe it would be best if you did the MTS ones being a mod there and Dominie did the LJ ones.

From newest to oldest on MTS

Gumtree Academy
Council Housing Set (Dominie is fixing those lots and will put a link up here. Like an idiot I removed the download files)
Down on your luck hostel
Marbury Manor
Autumn Winds-Retirement Home (Dominie fixed this I think)
Island Time Fun Zone
Rose Cottage Bed and Breakfast
Wet n Wicked Resort
Wet n Wicked
Lego House-in two colour ways (this may be when I got the bad hack)
Azalea Court Residential Cul-De-Sac
Maple Creek Shopping Centre

Live Journal lots. newest to Oldest

Apple Valley Orphanage
reception Hall
Rio grande
Ticky-Tacky Boxes 5 tiny lots (download links to my box under each house in the thread.)
Cherry Tree Farm
Victorian Row Apartment
lastly 3 starters which I'm hoping are clean
Seagull Island- The Chesterfield
Seagull Island- Lattice Cottage
Seagull Island- Spacious Starter Home

#22 21-07-2013 
Okay..I am really confused. I tested the retirement had the debug. It took me a couple of tries..but I was suppose to have gotten rid of it, tested it was all good. Did what was just, what I thought, to be a paranoid second test, and it's back. I am not giving up..and if someone else wants to try this lot, please do. Some peoples games may have an easier time than others to fix affected lots. I am trying this again in the morning. I don't get why it was fixed and then not..too weird.

#23 21-07-2013 
The whole thing is weird, it's starting to feel like twilight zone. I'm sure there is a logical explanation somewhere but we just can't see it.

#24 21-07-2013 
I know jo Sad

Because that happened..i just tested the green council house again and it is still showing as fixed, thankfully.

#25 21-07-2013 
*phew* I keep thinking you will post that it's just randomly appear again like a ghost.

I found two more lot I had forgotten about on my box.
beach lot (beach lots are as buggy as, so I don't know if you want to test that. I'm not sure what beach it was made on and I don't want to crash your game. I can just delete it if need be.

This was done as a request over on Boolprop, I hope it's clean.

I installed the LBF Remove Social fix and made a test lot.
Test Lot

#26 21-07-2013 
I dont mind testing a beach lot. Smile

I realized that dolphins fix wasnt working well in my game. I also put in the LBF remove social fix and it is working great so far.

But anyways..i think I have the Retirement lot fixed now. I would love it if someone who knows for sure they dont have the bug in their game already would test it too.

Edit: okay..sorry to tell you, Jo..but i tested one of the Seagull Island lots so far..and it has the bug.. But here is the fixed version:

Edit again: second test, in a new game, on the retirement home and it passed again. I think it's safe. Big Grin

Second test on seagull starter home and it passed. Smile

#27 21-07-2013 
Okay, I think I'm resigned to the fact that many will be infected. I just really hope this doesn't go back to my Water park as so many people have downloaded that.

Have you tried the test lot yet? I'm going to cross all crossables that it is clean.

Leefish asked that this be organized, so I put up the list of my MTS lots and LJ lots, so if you wouldn't mind taking on just the LJ lots Dominie then we know Nix can tackle the MTS ones. Thank you so much for those clean files.

#28 21-07-2013 
Okay..I am going to throw them all up here on this post..keep re-editing as I they aren't scattered. so remember post # 28..fixed lot list by Dominie. I'll do just LJ lots from now on..but will go ahead and let you know if the waterpark has to be cleaned or not just so you know right that okay?

Fixed Autumn Wind Retirement Home

LJ Fixed Lots:

Seagull Island- Spacious Starter Home

Edit and Important: Mootilda has stated, and I know BO also think so, that these lots are probably still infected.

#29 21-07-2013 
Ok, i will get the retirement home and reup it on MTS.

and done. Upload is untagged.

#30 21-07-2013 
Re-editing is a good idea, thanks Dominie. Thanks leefish. I have to get to get on with school work with the kids and then I have an appointment but I will be back later.


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