Fixing a mod of the Debug Hug
#31 21-07-2013 
I'm not sure if this helps, but if you remove furniture via LotAdjuster, then the superhug debug goes away. So the mod attaches to furniture somehow.

Have you posted in sims2 help? If anyone can figure out how it attaches in a lot, it would be Mootilda.

#32 22-07-2013 
Hi HugeLunatic Smile

I imagine Mootilda would, I admire what she her programs.

When I googled the bug it took me to a few different threads at MTS2, including where it's been discussed in the past in the Sims2 help and Sims2 discussion threads. They each lead to fixes by either and/or both dolphin26 and [Black_Spirit], both at MTS. Smile

Anyways..I was having a hard time at first fixing jo's lots as dolphin's fix doesnt work in my game. I didn't realize it at the first lot I did, it had worked..and then stopped. Since i moved my game over to my new pc, which has windows 7, i noticed a few mods that use to work great for me, don't now. So, I am sure dolphin's mod still works great for others. [Black_Spirit]'s mod worked great for me this i jump back into this..should work really quickly.

It's interesting and good to know about the furniture thing incase the other mod suddenly isnt helping anymore for whatever reason, but I hate to have to remove the furniture from jo's lots, all the work she did, if it can be helped.

#33 22-07-2013 
It attaches to the furniture? How odd. I really hope the furniture doesn't have to go. Mootilda did post in my journal over at MTS, but just to ask if the cc lots would be clean, so I don't think she knows anything about this Debug Hug. I'm hoping she might look into it, because I was thinking the same thing, if anyone could figure it out I bet it would be her.
I'm wondering also since leefish looked at the mod which caused the hug and said it was based on BHAV's (is that the correct term?) rather than an object, that maybe a different fix works on some causes of the Hug better then others.

Has anyone tested my test lot yet? I'm really hoping it's clean.

#34 22-07-2013 
Sorry jo, I'll do that now...and edit here to let you know.

Edit: Sorry..the bug is still in that test lot. Sad

#35 22-07-2013 
Well crap. What do think I should do? This was after I put on the remove social fix. It's just a bare lot with a box and no furniture either. I'm at a loss for how I can fix my game if the fix doesn't fix it.

#36 22-07-2013 prepped the lot, and then saved after you put in the hack, right?

#37 22-07-2013 
Sorry I've gone and got a vomiting bug so my head is not good. I might not be back until tomorrow. I put in the fix. Loaded and 'built' the lot and saved it.

#38 22-07-2013 
(18-07-2013 07:59 AM)leefish Wrote:  Noob here. What is the Debug Super Hug?

Lee, you can't be serious! I've explained that to you in one of my mod threads. The Debug Super Duper Hug is a special autonomous testing interaction that allows any sim to hug any other sim without the fear of being rejected. This hug is very effective and make sims into friends very fast. Some people use it as a template for creating new interactions, where the original is kept on as a fallback. When such a mod is later removed, the Super Duper Hug is then introduced by the game to compensate for the missing interaction. My No Sim Loaded mod protects against this annoying phenomenon.

#39 22-07-2013 
Yea, I get lost on this - it seems that this bug is plaguing lots - and apparently that known mods that usually fix it don't.

I think the problem is in the Rufio mod from MATY, but it appears to be a load of global overwrites, so a bit beyond me to fix.

#40 22-07-2013 
You mean to say that there's now a fix-resistant version of *the Hug* ??? I would hope not!!!

* BoilingOil switches back to non-sarcastic mode Smile

The hug is resistant by default, because when it is missing, the game will activate the fallback, which is the same hug, built in by the EAxians. Once this hug shows up in a game, there's only one way to fix it: you must keep fixing it once every second or so!!! Most fixes worthy of that name are created to infinitely restart themselves to prevent the bug from ever showing up again. But when you take the fix out, the problem returns. Keeping the fix in place should really solve the problem. If it doesn't, we're in hell and we won't be rescued... Sad

Removing the bug from a lot doesn't do jack for the game. Once it's in, it's in. Only installing the fix permanently, fixes it permanently.


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