Fixing a mod of the Debug Hug
#1 18-07-2013 
I figure you guys may be the best place to post this.

On pulling my download folder my game generated the Debug Super Hug option. Now this is something I haven't seen in two years since I fixed it with Dolphin26's 'Control this sim' as well as the 'Deadly neck bite' mod. Both mods fix this issue. However there it was. Now another simmer I know who is on a mac said she would test out some of my social hacks to see if she could find it. I am going to be extracting a lot of sims for her rebuild and she has far less cc than me so that worked out well. Smile Today she pm'd me over at my site and said it was the 'Extended Family' mod that was the culprit. Now I know nothing about modding, all I know on Dolphin's thread in post #44 she talks about changing the fall back guide to 0 to fix it. Could someone possibly fix this extended family mod for me? I really like my extended family mod but I'm not really comfortable knowing it causes the debug option when pulled. I have no debug option with my download folder in as I assume the two mods, Dolphin's and deadly neck bite are doing their job of killing it off.

This is the mod. The users avatar doesn't exactly inspire confidence that he knew what he was doing...
I'm using InlawsFixMaxis and ExtendedFamilyPartial My friend wasn't sure if it was one or both of them, but we are assuming both.
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#2 18-07-2013 
Noob here. What is the Debug Super Hug?

#3 18-07-2013 
All I know about it is from Dolphin's thread. That was the mod I used to fix it two years ago. It's something Maxis put in that madders clone to make new social hacks, but if the mod isn't made properly, once the hack is removed it leaves this Debug super hug on sims pie menus. Then your sims go around trying to do this to all and sundry. A huge annoyance but not game breaking. My concern is it's a known thing that it can somehow be uploaded in lots unseen. I assume it has to be active in a persons game (seen on the sims pie menu) for that to happen but as a lot builder I'm not to comfortable with any possibility that my lots might not be clean, even if it's just a 1% chance. I was hoping a certain person on here might take a look.

#4 18-07-2013 
I've had it a few times, but have always been able to get rid of it easily by using one of the mods that kill it off.

#5 19-07-2013 
Well the mods certainly make it disappear, but is it really gone? And is there any chance I could upload a lot with it? I wasn't expecting to see it again when I removed my download and it has me rather worried. If fixing the mod that causes it is easy then I'd like to do so.

#6 19-07-2013 
We can test that. I have a lot from someone, an old zip file stored, that has the hug debug. I'll spawn a new game, throw the lot in, make sure the bug is there, place in one of the mods, make sure its gone, package another lot..and place that in another spawned game. I can do this tomorrow...wont take long.

#7 19-07-2013 
I would be very glad if you could do a test for me but instead could you try one of my lots? I have a few cc free ones on MTS that you could try. The Council Housing Set is cc free and small so that should make it quick loading. Just to make sure they are clean.

#8 19-07-2013 betcha. I'll make sure to do it sometime this afternoon and get back to you. This is a 'me' day. Big Grin

#9 19-07-2013 
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#10 20-07-2013 
Oh gosh, I am sorry..but that little lot has the bug. I'm going to use the fiix..then re-package your lot, spawn another game to see if it's gone. What I am thinking is that Dolphin's and the deadly neck bite may be one time fixes. If you get the bug again, you may need to take whichever one of them you used out and then place it back in to fix again. Be right back...

Edit: well..i got rid of the bug, repackaged the lot, spawned a new game, put the new packaged lot in, and it still had the debug. But it dawned on me..i should of tested my newly spawned game before the lot went make this an accurate test. Will do tomorrow morning, and let you know. Sorry, wish I had better news.


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