Neon Fish
#1 19-07-2013 
So, MTS have this new thing that TS2 lot uploads have to have a picture of the back..... my nightclub has a boring back (its just dustbins and some high windows) so I was trying to think of something to make that a bit more interesting.

I decided to make a neon fish.

But, it is not yet working correctly - I think i need to do something with the lighting file/txmt, just not sure what at this moment. See the pic on the flamingo - it casts a light - the fish does not Sad

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#2 19-07-2013 
I hope you get it working..will be really cool. Wish I knew how to help.

#3 19-07-2013 
Very cute! Odd that it's not casting a light since I assume you cloned it directly from the flamingo. Huh

#4 19-07-2013 
Yea, I now have it casting a light - but only a red light. Hmmm.

#5 19-07-2013 
Lee, I assume you cloned it from the NL (I think) flaming wall lamp, and not the BG flamingo wall deco?

If it is the lamp, then you can change the light manually. Get a lamp that casts the kind of light you want and check its light name in the Light Names #STR, and then the values for the light colour in the Lighting Point resource. Copy these to your lamp, and presto! New colour light. Smile

But if it's the wall deco, then yes, it's all in the TXMT. The stdMatEmissiveCoef, to be specific.

#6 19-07-2013 
hi Nix, i was hoping to hear from you - but I cloned the flamingo. And all works apart from the diffuse light. Weird.

I tried cloning the lights from Atavera - that works but its a red light. I really wanted the flamingo with its five light colors..... The flamingo has a lighting file - like that round circle light from NL. Neither have a diffuse light when I clone.

#7 19-07-2013 
Argh, I meant the flamingO wall lamp - didn't catch that typo until just now. Confused

Remember how I didn't manage to figure out different coloured diffuse lights for my plumb bob lamp? Yeah. Sad Unfortunately I still have no idea what it is that goes missing from the clone that makes it not have a diffuse light. I'd be happy to investigate, but I fear I'm not much smarter now than I was when I made my lamp. Confused

BTW, that's a really cute little neon fish. Smile

#8 19-07-2013 
Yea, the light is weird. Sad

Will make a red one with a diffuse and one no diffuse that is recolorable Big Grin
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#9 20-07-2013 
I think you have to be Numenor to fully understand lights. Sad (Or maybe sacrifice a goat at midnight. Or be Numenor and sacrifice a goat at midnight.)

But this sounds like a good solution! Just out of curiosity, could I possibly see the one with the red diffuse light? Smile 'Cause now I really want to know why that one works when nothing else does (which of course isn't to say that I'll be able to figure it out).

#10 20-07-2013 
I cloned Atavera's light - the ones on the retired thread on MTS. I will get a copy for you of my light.


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