How To Make Sibling Family Ties in SimPE or other way?
#1 19-07-2013 
I wanted a 4 family household with 2 parents and 2 children 1 male, 1 female. I use insimenator mod quite often, which doesn't let you change gender. A baby's gender is random. The parents had a male child, I summoned a female townie and added her to the household. I set her parent family ties to the parents, but there is no option for sibling. I remember vaguely there was a way to do it in SimPE possibly with sim surgery, but I'm very rusty with that function. Is there a way to make an outsider a sim's sibling? Either with a game mod, or in simPE or insimenator or some cheat? Any input is appreciated.

#2 19-07-2013 
Hi *waves*

If you set the parent family ties, they will become siblings even if it doesn't show it in the relationships when first will later. It should anyways. I have done this myself, set relationships this way. Smile

#3 19-07-2013 
You can do it with SimPE - you have to load the 'hood, then load the sim, then edit their relationships panel. But it's much simpler to use Sim Blender. It's a fantastic mod that lets you do lots of stuff, including set family relationships. I've never used insimenator so can't compare them, but Sim Blender is a must-have for me.


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