ftp from one hosting account to another?
#1 21-07-2013 
I have web hosting on Godaddy, which as usual also allows ftp access. If I had hosting account on another site too, is there a way of ftping files from one account to another, perhaps using php script? NB *without* transferring the files via my PC. Was hoping to run automatically, maybe as cron job.
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#2 21-07-2013 
Hmm, there are numerous scripts out there that do this Inge, but I think in all cases the file is added to your PC as a tar or something similar and then uploaded to the target ftp. I dont have any idea how to do this without it going to the PC first.

Surely Peter knows?

#3 29-07-2013 

sorry it took so long to answer, been busy lately.
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#4 29-07-2013 
Yea, I saw that link rebalynn, but I was a bit wary of recommending it as it looks - unreliable.


Sorry, that is a members only option