#1 26-07-2013 
So who here uses Numenor's Any Game Starter? What do you use it for?

I have three AGS games and one permagame. I dream of one day having a real custom hood. Right now I have Randy and Rhonda as inhabitants Tongue
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#2 27-07-2013 
Tried it a couple of times couldn't get it to work so I gave up.

I only have 3 neighbourhoods, 1 vanilla neighbourhood (completely empty, no sims, no NPCs and no pets) where I build lots, 1 empty neighbour where I test other peoples stuff and 1 I use to test my stuff and take screenshots (I actually have 4 Sims in that one). In my Sim Bin I have 8 identical males, 8 identical females (for clothing screenshots) and Jullian Cooke. Smile

#3 27-07-2013 
I'm really excited that making a base game AG worked plus the lot was clean! Not being at all computer savvy my expectations were that It would not work/ blow something up lol.

What I want to do next is make a sucyrom free, mac compatible AG. This way I can build lots that Esme and other mac users can use.


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