• The Sims 3 Into the Future - Trailer
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Yet another expansion of The Sims 3, it doesn't convince me

#2 27-07-2013
It does look pretty fun and actually different from any of the Sims 2 expansions, which is a plus! I wonder how it'll be integrated into the normal game.

#3 27-07-2013
I enjoyed watching the trailer Smile It's not gonna convince me to buy it tho

#4 28-07-2013
With Karen.
Although to be fair, I can see a Wall-E thing going there. I like Wall-E

#5 28-07-2013
Looks fun. Don't know if I want it yet or not, although dh will probably buy it for me anyway.

#6 30-08-2013
Not buying any more TS3 stuff, but I have to admit the video looked a lot of fun and unique. I'm looking forward to the 3t2 conversions.

#7 30-08-2013
#8 07-09-2013
Maybe I'll take it just for the butler Big Grin


#9 02-11-2013

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