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#1 28-07-2013 
Sorry if I am posting these in the wrong place, I can't find a general help board here.

Esme has sent me her hood which I am going to extract sims from. In the folder is a file .DS_Store. Can a delete this and will my game read her hood without having the store addition?
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#2 28-07-2013 
.DS_Store is a Mac OS file. Something to do with folder attributes. You don't need a .DS_Store file from someone else's computer, in fact deleting it is safest for your computer. It has nothing to do with the EA Store.

#3 28-07-2013 
Thank you for the quick answer. I'm glad I checked inside the folder before putting it into my game!

#4 28-07-2013 
You're welcome, glad to help! I believe it's actually a hidden file, so many folks upload stuff without realizing it's included. It most likely wouldn't do any harm but it's best to delete it.

#5 29-07-2013 
hi Jo,

I dont have a general help board as I don't want a load of forums on leefish each one with only one or two posts in. This seems as good a spot as any. Big Grin

#6 29-07-2013 
That's good. Smile


Sorry, that is a members only option