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#1 02-08-2013 
We hit the first snag and that was the pets that I packaged on my computer won't work on Esme's computer, just the same way lots won't because I am on M&G and she is on a Mac with BV as her game engine. So then I had a thought, will the sims I clone in my M&G body shop work okay in her game? Or should I just send her over the extracted sims and have do the clones in her own body shop?
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#2 02-08-2013 
Most probably not! Most stuff you extract/package - regardless of how you do it - contains a stamp of which EPs/SPs you have. Anyone who wants to use what you share, will need to at least have the latest pack you have, and maybe even ALL the packs that you have, for the shared item to be compatible with their game.

Sims *may* be excluded from this limitation though, because sims have been around since BaseGame.

(Are you serious, BO? Duh!) lol

#3 02-08-2013 
I think I should send one over for her to test out.

#4 02-08-2013 
Sims won't install with the default EA installer either. Sending her the extracted packages from her own game should work.

Or she could install your clones with Clean Installer, which should also work. Not sure if that works on Macs but it's worth a look.

Another alternative is to grab the actual sim package file from your "SavedSims" folder. (Sort by date and look for ones with just random letter/number combos as filenames.) These will not come with custom-content, so she'd have to install the CC separately, but in theory it should work. Similarly, grabbing the pet .package files from your PetBreeds folder would probably work for the pets.

#5 02-08-2013 
So far I have extracted about 17, renamed them and they are sitting in my saved sims folder. I uploaded one to box for her to test, but it may take awhile as her body shop is having some unrelated problem and won't load. I'm not sure if she can use Clean Installer or not, but I'm thinking not.

Random letter/numbers! take a fork to my eyes! Lol, all mine are named. This is the one thing I keep extremely tidy. Actually I pulled my saved sim folder and made a new saved sims folder just for the extracting, but again everyone is named. Also we did this cc free. She removed it all before sending to me to make things easier.

It sounds like giving her the extracted sims and for her to clone them herself might be the best. Now she just has to figure out why her body shop is crashing.

#6 02-08-2013 
I can't use Clean Installer -- it's not Mac compatible. Sad

On the bright side, once I pulled my Downloads folder, I was able to see and clone the Sim Jo packaged up for me to test! Smile So I'll have to do the cloning myself, which is not a problem, and I don't mind pulling my whole Downloads folder for the project. In the normal course of things, I never use Bodyshop, so it doesn't matter what I have in there that it doesn't like.

Whoopee! Thanks for the workaround, fanseelamb!

#7 03-08-2013 
Hey guys, anyone know how I can make simpe see Any Game?

It's a step forward Esme. Big Grin

#8 03-08-2013 
I know nothing about Any Game.

But - if you actually have a SavedSims folder full of the named (OMG!) cloned sims? That don't require any CC anyway? You could probably just give Esme the files from that folder. They should work even though they were cloned in your game.

#9 03-08-2013 
Yes that was the plan. To just give her the folder of extracted not yet cloned sims Smile Lol OMG yes named sims! How can everyone stand seeing k7k8lhi786jhou4! Actually they say it is always best to name extracted sims something other then what simPE will try to give you, so may as well use their correct names. I of course rename them again after clonning as Body shop also tries to destroy their names as well. Sheesh what do these things have against real names?!

I've asked about Any Game and simPE over on MTS as it really doesn't have anything to do with this.

#10 03-08-2013 
You should have the option to make a legacy bodyshop for your AnyGame.


Sorry, that is a members only option