Problem with game windows
#1 12-08-2013 
I seem to have a problem with the Embrasure by Ergo windows. As soon as loaded up my shopping centre in my AGS I noticed all the windows were red. I checked my upload picture on MTS and they are white there. When I tried to change them it said non designable and there are no other colour option but red in the catalog. I'm sure these windows had a few recolours. I'm stumped as to why they are showing up as only red.
[Image: snapshot_00000009_1f14e7b7_zpsbc53d14c.jpg]
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#2 12-08-2013 
You need the updated CEP with the apartment life fix. Apartment Life broke the recolours.

#3 12-08-2013 
Typical of EA, but phew I'm glad that's all it is. Thanks.


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