• The Last Letters of Jacopo Ortis
  • Reviewer: nanashi
  • Ugo Foscolo
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Rating: 9/10
  • Review Type: Book Review
From the book flap: "Banished from his homeland and from the woman he loves, Jacopo Ortis lives constantly with the insufferable feelings of disillusionment and betrayal. Gone are his youthful dreams of literary glory, and in their place only his embittered laughter at fortune, at men, and at the omnipotence of God. In the anguish of his state he feels himself compelled to make one final, titanic and symbolic gesture to the rulers of his age."

"Jacopo Ortis embodies the crisis of the revolutionary hopes of an entire generation and the death of an idea of freedom based on human trust and love. He is the ultimate romantic hero who wages war on convention in a desperate attempt to unshackle himself from the fetters forced upon mankind by fate, nature, and society."

This is by far one of my favorite works from the Romantic period and it is (according to Foscolo's biographer) the first example of an Romantic Italian novel. The novel is written in an epistolary style so it has a bit of a voyeuristic appeal to it, as if one were reading a diary of someone who is as eloquent as he is bipolar. If you are fan of nihilism in philosophy and literature, then you probably will like The Last Letters... as much as I do. If you like reading happier works, then you should probably skip this novel since most of it is in the following vein:

"Repentance of the past, boredom in the present, and fear of the future. Such is human life."

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