#1 15-08-2013 
So, looking at the latest pictures - it seems we MIGHT be getting Sims2-and-a-half as Sims4.

The Sims - are looking cartoony, but I like that. Gosh those body meshes are looking TS2 Big Grin

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1495]

So what do you think? Love em or hate em?

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#2 15-08-2013 
They look kinda cute Smile
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#3 15-08-2013 
I'm liking what I see around the place so far. Now if only they move more naturally and have a decent AI. I've seen posts by some people saying the sims are horrible, but I don't get how else they could look? For me they are so far just barely cartoony enough. I don't want realistic, that to me is creepy.

#4 15-08-2013 
They do have more facial expression than the TS3 sims...

The AI is very important! The personalities are what keep me with TS2.

What I really want to know, though, is 1. Will it work correctly on a Mac? (TS3 doesn't, really.) 2. Will it work without tons of community patches? and 3. Can you back it up to disk and reinstall whenever you want without Origin after that first time? (I've had to reinstall several times.)

I won't be an early adopter of this, because I want to see how it shakes out. But if things shake out positively, I might consider switching.

#5 16-08-2013 
The sims look a lot like Sims 3 to me, but it's hard to tell just from that pic. They do seem to have more variety in the sit-and-talk animations, which is good! Unless of course that's all just a staged pose and not what the game will really be like. Tongue

#6 16-08-2013 
They look a lot like sims social sims. The game they removed from facebook???

See pic. All CAS of course. And we know what happened to Sims3 sims once out of CAS.

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#7 16-08-2013 
I am really having high Hopes EA will not budge it up.

Sims and CAS are Pretty, but I want more on the Building End of the game. What is EA doing to make the Build and Buy Mode better and more useable and functional? As far as I feel, TS2 and TS3 Builders seem to have gotten shafted with incomplete sets, not enough to build decent homes and a Garden catalogue that was not the best or in the least bit logical. It would be nice if EA could complete sets, or have a style for some of the stuff there and I was saying how it would be a cool thing to have something with windows like with the Modular stairs in TS3 where you can slide to determine how many tiles said window will cover (It would be as simple as taking the single tile mesh and repeating it as many times as possible (same way with Modular stairs). It would be very cool too if we could determine the size of the plants rather than random sized plants (That annoyed me with TS3 because every single time I needed a small, I got a Effing huge bush).

I also am wondering if TS4 will finally allow more ability to get creative in building sans cheating. I mean, Half landing stairs, Curved stairs, Split leveling, Escelators. I really hope that EA balances out the Features in a way that both Builders and StoryTellers/Players have enough and can really do more in the game That wil make it easier for those who play EA match games or No CC to enjoy, but also satisfy those who want CC. I also really hope that world creation is a lot easier and that EA learns from their problems and tries to incorporate Certain things from the Past games like OFB style businesses and AL style apartments.

It would also be cool if EA Released a Official styled AGS system with the games where you can create profiles within the launcher that allows loading of chosen EP/SP
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#8 16-08-2013 
Personally I don't care too much about build/buy. The sims themselves are what make or break the game for me.

From the preview pics I just saw on tumblr, they do look pretty cute and cartoony which I like! There's a new life stage too - Young Elders - bringing it to 7 life stages total. And different species right in the basegame apparently - witches, vampires, and zombies (ick). And middle names. And a HEIGHT slider! The face/body sliders look great too. Looks like you pull on the actual face/body part rather than just sliding sliders.

I.... I think I'm getting excited. Dang. I didn't want to be excited. Gotta remember that these previews may not be accurate and even if they are, things can change between now and release.

#9 16-08-2013 
We are phlegmatic. And stoic. We are NOT excited. At all.

#10 16-08-2013 
To be honest? I'm just posting on here to let you guys know that I'm completely ignoring it this time around until the game is actually out and we see some real data - not just what they want to catch us with. The faces in the first picture and last picture are severely different.


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