Would anyone be willing to test my new object?
#1 16-08-2013 
Hi. I've been making objects for knowledge/serious/science sims and would like it if someone who has all the expansion packs could test my simlish poster and give me feedback.

It's just a poster, but I substituted the BHAVs with lines I gleaned from the Big Ol' tree ring from Bon Voyage and set up conditionals wherein only serious sims should be able to benefit from the poster. It boosts fun and science interest. This poster should affect playful sims adversely (but not too much).

It should also work with kids. I have not gotten any errors from my latest update, but I had floating children and an exploding game earlier, so I figure it would be better to have others try it out before I attempt to share it.

Basically I need someone to test for:
reaction from adult serious sim (3 bars of playful or less)
reaction from adult playful sim
reaction from child serious sim
reaction from child playful sim

science interest ticks for serious adult/child (they should be pretty fast without being too cheaty compared to the 20+ views it took to get a tick earlier)
fun motives for all
spelling or grammatical errors from the dialogues

You MUST have: Bon Voyage, Pets, and Freetime. That said, I have all the expansion packs and have no idea if I inadvertently am calling on functions from other expansion packs.

Thank you very much in advance! I really appreciate your help. ^__^

.zip  nanashi - periodic table of elements mesh.zip (Size: 70.99 KB / Downloads: 534)

By the by, does anyone know how to determine career types (i.e., knowledge/fortune/etc.)? I'd like to set an conditional which will give science bonus ticks to knowledge sims.
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#2 16-08-2013 
Ok, I will have a go Big Grin

Arg no I wont. Bon Voyage, Freetime AND Pets. None of those installed. Sorry. Come on fishes, most of you have all EPs

#3 16-08-2013 
Cheers ^_^ Please ignore the hideous shadow. *LOL* Oh, alright! Thanks anyway. I can probably find another 2-tile wall hanging to clone the poster from that will eliminate the need for Pets, but I'm using BV animations and the poster reward is FT hobby enthusiasm, so those two expansion packs are needed.

Do you recommended eliminating the need for the Pets expansion?

Hmm... I could also make a base game version which isn't modified, but then it is just a deco wall hanging. I think there are a lot of great simlish posters out there, so I'd probably have to spend a bit more time focused on recolours in that case.

Here is a shot of the poster if it were base game object:
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#4 19-08-2013 
I just downloaded it, and I will test it tonight! It seems lovely to me.

#5 19-08-2013 
Thank you Ritaxis, it does look very cool.

#6 20-08-2013 
(19-08-2013 09:47 PM)ritaxis Wrote:  I just downloaded it, and I will test it tonight! It seems lovely to me.

Thank you very much. Please ignore the awful shadow.

Also, if I could get your input on the dialogues? I fail at funny, nevertheless I tried to inject physics jokes and sim jokes in the dialogues. Should I remove them and just stick to the periodic table of elements facts?

#7 20-08-2013 
* leefish boggles slightly at Physics jokes Tongue

Do you need some help with the shadow?

#8 20-08-2013 
Thanks for your offer. I (think I) fixed it, but I didn't want to waste bandwidth, database and file space with a reupload since it won't affect testing. The new shadow is in the picture, the original shadow I think is vertical!

*lol* I facepalmed when I put it in my real game.


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