Collection File Only Sets
#1 21-08-2013 
Hello, I was wondering if someone could give me tips or point me to a tutorial that would show me how to create a COLLECTION file only set. I'm currently working on a clutter set which I'd like to have the option of keeping out of my catalogue. Any advice or links would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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#2 21-08-2013 
Yea, this is actually super easy to do. First make a collection file, in game. Then go find that collection file, give it a name.

You need to open the objects in SimPE and edit the OBJD.

[Image: MTS_leesester-1321481-example.jpg]

Leave only the room sort misc ticked. The objects will not appear in the catalog, but they will appear in the collection.

#3 21-08-2013 
Thanks a bunch for the quick reply and for the answer.

#4 21-08-2013 
Also, if you want, you can make your collection in game as usual, then open that collection.package in SimPE and edit the (IMG) resource and give it a custom icon.

#5 21-08-2013 
Thank you! I had no idea! I've never made icons for sharing. Do I need to submit the .jpg image or will it be included in the package like a texture is? I noticed some simmers include their images in their zip files, but not all do.

#6 21-08-2013 
if you add it to the package using SimPE then the icon will be part of the package. I did this in my MoveOverDahlen bookcase set (on MTS).


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