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Space saving wall mounted desk. This desk is about 75% of the size of the normal desks, with way more space to put things. 15 slots, 3 presets, 352 polys, found in Surfaces/Desks, price: $350.
x 46

Please contact cmo.

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#9 25-08-2013
(24-08-2013 05:08 PM)Karen Lorraine Wrote:  I'd like a Sims2 version Smile

Is it okay to second and request this? This desk is really gorgeous, cmo. I would so download this and use it all the time if I played sims 3 regularly.

Can it be cloned for sims 2? (Apologies in advance if this is an annoying request)

#10 25-08-2013
I don't remember how to make TS2 stuff. Anyone is free to convert it as long as it is uploaded here, as it is a Leefish exclusive.

#11 25-08-2013
Poor CMO. I get so depressed when people ask me if my TS2 things can be TS3.

However, if CMO has the obj and the texture files I will have a go at making it into a one tile desk.

#12 25-08-2013
Thanks a bunch, cmomoney! leefish, I was just about to do this, but I don't know squat about slots which you specialize in so you doing this saves me time to work on my own projects.

Here are my extracted .obj and texture files. Please let me know when you've downloaded the files so that I can take the link down. Thank you so much for converting this!

And again, thanks cmomoney for letting 2nd gen simmies enjoy your beautiful desk!


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