A Strange but pleasing Game
#1 28-08-2013 

Doesn't take long, but the graphics and music are most pleasant, and the storyline is short but engaging. I likes it!
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amazon wishlist because Lee said so.

#2 28-08-2013 
Very strange game Big Grin

#3 29-08-2013 
A very strange game - by the makers of machinarium I see Big Grin

#4 29-08-2013 
I'm playing to Samorost 2 Big Grin http://amanita-design.net/samorost-2/

#5 29-08-2013 
yes, I am still playing that one too - Machinarium is one of my favourites for looks and sound. Big Grin Thankyou for introducing me to it Lee.

OOo neat Deb! Are you finding that as strange and pleasing as the first?

#6 13-10-2013 
I just love the sheep-looking like thingies that say "taang"
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A screaming gravity cat (during daylight only) ☀☀☀

#7 14-10-2013 
Thank you!

I got through to the end, btu I still don't know how I did some of the levels: I was clicking and clicking and then it all worked?

#8 14-10-2013 
Yea, that is my approach. If desperate click ANYTHING Big Grin


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