#1 29-08-2013 
Hi, I'm caterpillar. =D
I came by to download some lovely things by cmo and I thought it would be rude and negligent of me not to thank him. But when I tried to post in his threads it told me I might be a spambot.
So, I thought maybe I should check out the general forum and introduce myself as not a spambot. As I generally abhor spam in all its forms.

Anyway, I'm a long time Simmer, going back to the days of Sims 1, and enjoy the company of others who, like me, play with virtual dolls.
I'm primarily a storyteller, I have several blogs documenting the lives of my Sims, frequently forced by their maker into embarrassing poses. I also build houses to share.

#2 29-08-2013 
Hi caterpillar

Welcome to leefish. Sorry about the problems posting -the blocker seems to have thought you were a spam bot Sad

Anyhoo, you can post now. I hope.

#3 29-08-2013 
Hi, it's nice to be here. =D Thanks for the welcome.
It's not everyday I get mistaken for a spambot, lol.

#4 29-08-2013 
Hi and welcome. Smile

#5 29-08-2013 
Thank you!

#6 29-08-2013 
Hello Caterpillar, welcome to Leefish, I like to lurk Wink
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.

#7 29-08-2013 
Welcome Caterpillar! wave

#8 29-08-2013 
Hi, Thanks! It's great to meet you all.
Though I'm starting to wonder if a cat themed avatar is entirely appropriate on a fish themed forum...

#9 29-08-2013 
Well, we do have MLC (the unknown simmer) so we don't disallow cats. We do make them our slaves and force them to make CC for us.

Ok ok, only MLC.

#10 29-08-2013 
I'm just imaging the cat workhouse...I don't expect they get much done.


Sorry, that is a members only option