Harvey - My new dog.
#1 31-08-2013 
This is my new doggie. He is a black labrador and 8 weeks old.


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#2 31-08-2013 
So cute. He looks like such a little man of a dog. Big Grin

#3 31-08-2013 
Labs are such beautiful dogs - inside and out. Gentle natured and full of love. This one is a real cutie. I hope you have a lot of fun with him. Smile

#4 31-08-2013 
Thank you both. He is a little rascal at the moment. He wants to put everything in his mouth. But he also loves his snuggles and kisses. Smile

He also just discovered yesterday that he can bark. It was so funny.

#5 31-08-2013 
Very cute little dog Smile

#6 31-08-2013 
(31-08-2013 01:15 PM)Sailfindragon Wrote:  He also just discovered yesterday that he can bark. It was so funny.
Lol, debs that's so funny Smile My cat has discovered how to mew constantly!
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#7 31-08-2013 
I had a lab when I was younger. They are amazing dogs! When you first get them as babies and when they start that awkward growing stage where their paws are bigger than them... those are the two times when labs really turn the adorable sparkly sparkle up to the max, and after that they turn into absolutely beautiful creatures. The metamorphosis from silly and cute to clever and statuesque is really a wonderful experience to watch; they really are like butterflies in that sense... minus the cocoon--oh, yeah, and minus the fact that you can cuddle them and they lick.

It looks like you're baby isn't going to be an exception. He's already got the *sparkle*I'm soooo cute*sparkle* vibes mastered.

#8 31-08-2013 
Awwww! What an adorable little puppy.

#9 31-08-2013 
Awww, so cute! Big Grin

#10 04-09-2013 
Aww he's so cute. We had a black male Labrador just like that when I was little. I remember my mum feeding him porridge as that's what they said to feed them back then. He would eat everything!


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