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#1 02-09-2013 
Download Attempted Slaving
Original FallingWater Build Collection

I'm trying to slave the frames due to a request. My first attempt is to slave Window 3 to Window 2. The mapping and textures are already the same.

As far as I can tell, I've done the right thing:

TXTR - I've left the wallmasks and guob's, and only removed the frame TXTR.
TXMT - I've left the wallmasks and guob's and only removed the frame TXMT.
MMAT - I've left the wallmasks and guob's and only removed the frame MMAT.
GMDC - The mesh name is already the same 'frame' so I've left it alone.
SHPE - changed the Material definition on both the -n and the -s sections.
STR - changed the Material definition on both the -n and the -s sections.

GMND - There are 2 - one for -n and one for -s.
I've done the index ok, and set up the tsMaterialsMeshName with the string:
frame = ##0x1c050000!prida-fallingwater-fulllengthwindow2-070702

I've compared it with the Window2 diag mesh which is also repositoried to the Window2 mesh, and it looks the same.

So clearly I have some domestic blindness going on. What have I missed?
I've attached my attempts and a link to the original set.

I thought maybe there was something special because it was a window - but I haven't been able to find any references to it.
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#2 06-09-2013 
This might be an easy fix, but I'm not sure because I didn't test it. I'm looking at your SHPE parts and you have in the slave:


the master name is actually: fullengthwindow2 and I believe the SHPE parts should reflect this.

Perhaps you did not commit the changes you made? Anyway, try it and see if that works and if it doesn't, please let me know and I'll try slaving it as well from the original files; that way we can stumble through the dark together. Good luck!

#3 06-09-2013 
That's it! Thanks!!! Really appreciate it. ETA - Actually, that was just the diagonal that has the frame_white as window3. The other one does have window2 as it.

Going to check if that makes a difference.

The frosted glass, and wallshadow alpha is keeping the texture from window3, so that's ok.

Second Edit:

Thanks Nanashi!

Your reply actually helped me work it out.
What it ended up being was that I had gotten too carried away and changed the meshname in the STR section to Window2, instead of leaving it as Window 3.
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#4 06-09-2013 
Well done nanashi - sorry to have not replied myself kiri - it slipped my mind.

#5 06-09-2013 
I'm glad you got everything working!

#6 06-01-2014 
I haven't heard from stonetower, and the last he/she/it was on was Aug 2013, so I've uploaded it to MTS and wait to see what happens. Smile


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