Where find this type of stairs?
#1 02-09-2013 
Hi all, do you know where can I find this type of stairs? For Sims 2:


Thank you

#2 05-09-2013 
Ok, I looked around for this. Those stairs dont exist. Cue big rambly leefish post...

For what you show in the picture you need a modular stair - you cant use a full stair as it will be the height of a room and may look strange (will). I was chatting to MLC about this and we have two camps; the fish camp says make two deco pieces the height of four steps and slide them next to a 4step modular stair. MLC says make a stair cover. Not sure what one of those are.

#3 05-09-2013 
A stair cover is a deco piece that looks like stairs but itsn't. An example would be the half-round stair cover at 4eversimsfantasy: http://www.4eversimfantasy.net/other5.htm or BB's nook step cover: http://buggybooz.blogspot.com/2012/07/no...arden.html

You still need to place stairs but the covers go over them. I still think it's a good solution if the proper stairs can be found to edit to make one to match what Deb wants. The M&G sweepingwhatever stairs don't have the right railing but there might be something at MTS that could be used. There are some really nice stairs that flare out at the bottom like that there.

#4 07-09-2013 
Thank you! Smile


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