• London Arches Brick Fence
  • Creator: leefish
I have been using the London Arches Brick wallpaints by Shastakiss ALL THE TIME and so when I was working on my new lot and needed a brick fence of course I made one to match my favourite London Arches brick pattern.

Post: 72 polys
Diagonal: 62 polys
Straight: 62 polys

Post tiling: The post will appear when you stop dragging.

Cost: 185 simoleons
Catalog: with the rest of the fences.

You can get the wallpaper at GOS: link to wallpaint and the arches as well.

Alternate link:

Big thanks to Shastakiss who let me lift her tiling wall paint for this fence, and thank you to CuriousB and CycloneSue for the original arches.

PS if anyone wants to clone this and recolor it feel free. File is uncompressorised.
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Beautiful! Heart

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Absolutely beautiful. LOVE!

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Lovely! Thanks.


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