Some recolours of the EA Base Game Recliners - for Lee.

Apparently there's going to be some repository objects for this very soon? Cool

So I thought I'd do some recolours in preparation. They are just a random selection of Kate's colour swatches - as I know she's got a ton of recolours of the Adirondack set.

Do you think there's enough, Lee?

Please note - there is the black, and 2 greys (Dove, Sterling) but if you'd like a different grey, let me know.

Some recolours Screenshot          
#2 06-09-2013
GOOD GRIEF - there are millions Big Grin

Thanks Kiri

#3 06-09-2013
Shall I email them to you?

#4 06-09-2013
Why not upload them to your site? I rarely use email.


Sorry, that is a members only option