Sims 4 News of the Day
#1 06-09-2013 
I toyed around with doing a weekly review of the Sims 4 news for Leefish but it turns out that is too much like work and I lost interest in the idea. However, a thread with links to articles and the like? That I can do.

So here you have it, first up!

Friday September 6th
  • The IKEA style ad is a parody and regular feature of the magazine it appeared in. No solo woohoo for you. -- My tumblr
  • A nicely done Sims 4 preview that covers it all and confirms that you build the rocket to explore space -- whether that's text based or they're going to let us actually explore we don't know yet. -- El33tonOnline

#2 06-09-2013 
Thanks HW - no need to slave over a thread. I will see if I can set up a banner link to your blog somewhere.

#3 06-09-2013 
No, don't do that. This is better -- I post all kinds of stupid stuff on my blog that's not news.

#4 06-09-2013 
I like this thread! I've been following your sims 4 updates on Tumblr as a guest since I don't have Tumblr. It's nice that I can finally add likes to your posts.

While I'm sure that some people will find it useful, I will probably never build a rocket unless the game allows us to abduct aliens as payback for all the times they abducted sims. I wish I could enjoy the wacky zanier parts of Sims, but I guess I like my vanilla neighborhoods a bit too much to add the weirder aspects of gameplay. (Except for Plantsims... *love*)

#5 07-09-2013 
I'm the same way, nanashi, rocket ships and voodoo dolls do nothing for me. The everyday and mundane is much more interesting to me as odd as that sounds. Big Grin

As for the news, it's Saturday so there's not much but there are some more links to SimsCamp previews. Crinrict's has a unique perspective in that they talk more about what the game doesn't have then what it does. And TSR's is old, from August 23rd, but it's a preview that touches on details I haven't read anywhere else.

Saturday September 7th
  • Sims 4 - CAS Preview by Crinrict
  • Hands on with The Sims 4! by TSR
  • Sims 4 - Emotions by Crinrict

Edited to add the Emotions preview by Crinrict.
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#6 09-09-2013 
Monday September 9th

Or here's a compilation of the 10 new clips I found today if looking for them was only fun the first time. Tongue
7 - The Rancher and The Llama

9 - Social Bunny

14 - Llama Crush

16 - Turtle Fever

17 - ASDF Poster

18 - Freezer Bunny II

19 - Don’t Run With Scissors

20 - Goth Girl Loves Pop Music

22 - Spaceship Ahoy

23 - When Pigs Fly
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#7 09-09-2013 
Awww, video is private. I am far too slow to catch them on the Launch Trailer Sad

#8 09-09-2013 
I'm sorry, it's fixed now. I needed to update the video link and accidentally changed the link to the trailer instead.

#9 12-09-2013 
You get a two-fer today. Tongue

Wednesday September 11th
  • Pre-Alpha is defined by Graham -- that's the state they tell us Sims 4 is in right now. -- MTS Forums
  • An online article, The Sims 4: your own personal soap opera, is full of quotes by Grant Rodiek. -- VG247
  • Yesterday the build mode embargo lifted so there's a flood of articles from the Sim Camp attendees. Sims VIP has been maintaining a list if you want to read the articles. -- Sims VIP
  • A sample of the new pictures that are accompanying most of the articles about the Build Mode Masterclass. These are from Rflong7. -- My Tumblr

Thursday September 12th
  • Links to The Sims 4 - Offline Simgle Player, New Features & Meteors At Weddings article in Now Gamer and a follow up correction about meteors from Graham. This is the article that also confirms Sims 4 will not be using the Glassbox game engine. (bolded for lee Big Grin) -- My Tumblr
  • Maxis on The Sims 4's Many Innovations is another online article and interview with Grant Rodiek but this one actually has some new information. It's worth reading for the new way emotions, group socialization and multitasking are being described; there's much less emphasis on paintings, rockets and sad showers. -- IGN

#10 12-09-2013 
Whoa, thanks Honeywell - lots to read there. So no Glassbox - have they said what it will be using?


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