Making no Profit in OFB?
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If you use family members who all live in the same household and you take sims to thier restaurant there won't be anyone there but the owner and he won't cook or serve. If you hire them and assign them to be chef and server they will be there when you take other sims out to dine there. That's the whole point of hiring family members. It's also usful if you have a coffee bar and don't want to hire a townie as sims won't buy coffee when a family member tends it unless they are hired. It was a weird glitch that was never fixed.

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BO - the point is I want a restaurant Big Grin The diner IS making money with my two sims running it alone. Small profit, but profit nonetheless. The thing is, I run it as an owned community lot and the point that Jo made is that when you visit the lot not as the playable sim then only the owner is visible and not the other family member sim that even this tiny diner needs to run well. So a way to hire family members would be good.

When I play as my sims then I have Genevieve switch between hostess and cook - and Jeremy serves and tidies.

I guess I shall just play it a bit ONLY as my sims and build up some stars so I can charge higher prices to pay for waiting staff and hostess.

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@leefish: An analogy: I want to be the weight lifting world champion. But never having lifted even 200 lbs besides my own body mass, I'm sure my first attempt would be a bitter disappointment and throw out my back as well. Running a successful restaurant as one of your first TS2 business attempts..., what more can I say? It'll be like beating the world champion in your first chess match without even knowing a black pawn from a white rook.

I'm terribly sorry that my advice is not what you want to hear. I'd love to help, but there is no other wisdom I can offer, alas. Good luck chewing that enormous chunk you bit off. I applaud your courage. I'll just pray you don't dislocate your jaw in the process Tongue
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lol thanks BO. I think it depends on the lot for the restaurant - this is my diner:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1507]

As you can see I have followed advice - seriously less ambitious - less seats, no DJ Booth, no bar. I am considering adding the sim Wardrobe hack to make those games add to the business profits Big Grin

If I get to the point where it is busy then I can expand out to the side- more tables.

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(07-09-2013 12:28 PM)celebkiriedhel Wrote:  When you're doing businesses - please remember SimWardrobe's business stuff for OFB, a lot of his stuff makes businesses bearable.

Yes. The payment adjuster and the time clock are invaluable for adding realism into the game. After all what business owner calls all of his or her employees asking them to come in everyday, and what employee needs to be commanded to go home?! Before I started using SW's payment adjuster, I had to run only family-owned businesses to prevent from having to micro-mange employees while trying to run a business.

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Indeed, thank you for the SimWardrobe tip, kiri! I was just there and downloaded a bunch of mods and fixes for glitches I've been experiencing without realizing it.

Also found a link to that "Pickable OFB Employee Work Schedules" mod joandsarah mentioned. That one looks SUPER useful, especially since I play lots of vampires who can't work during daylight hours. The post says it's easy to mod for personal use, so I plan to mod that one to make short 1 day per week shifts - because usually I hire employees to have them at the business when I play the business, but want them home when I play their household.

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Thanks Fansee, that was the other mod I was referring too.

Could it be made so an employee doesn't get the car pool or wages at all?

After I got OFB a dinner was one of the first things I tired, it was a challenge, but then I like a challenge. If you can make servos or snap dragons those make things a lot easier. I have a grilled cheese restaurant run by two servos and one human sim.

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@joandsarah: YES, it turns out you can make their schedule so that they don't work any day of the week. It's very easy using Bidou's career editor (a SimPE menu option). You just untick all the days of the week. I have not tested it yet, but I think it'll work.

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I was just about to ask where do I find Bidou's career editor, but after googling I see it comes with simpe. So since I'm not very cluey on these things, will clicking on the 'Pickable OFB Employee Work Schedules' file in my download folder open simpe up to where I will be able to find the days of the week? One time I changed a careers wage by doing that.

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Yeah just double-click on the mod file and it will open in SimPE. Then under the Tools menu, choose Bidou's career editor. A dialog box will pop up - that's the editor. It's very straight forward, just look around a bit and you'll understand what to do. When you're done making your changes, close that dialog box and save the file.


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