To celebrate Tracey Keller getting his lifetime aspiration, I made a promo billboard and CD cover recolour for his new album, Aspirations. I also made another poster for Keller fan sims who are mainly rocker teens and sim females who swoon every time he struts by.

Tracey is the brother and uncle of one of my 1st and 2nd Gen main playables respectively. He is a romance sim, pleasure sim, and a Rock God Big Grin

Before my hard drive crashed and I had to start over, I never played this character. I just plopped him in a hip downtown apartment after his sister got married to my other 1st Gen main playable. But this go around he was a guest at my playable's birthday party and managed to have some really interesting freewill interactions with one of his townie fans who happens to be another musically inclined sim, so I couldn't help but take notice and be inspired. Now he has his own side story in my Crescent View story 1st Gen arc. Yay!

Aspirations Screenshot Aspirations Screenshot          
#2 18-09-2013
OOOH. That looks great. Where can we download the poster and billboard?

#3 18-09-2013
You'd really want to d/l this? I'm totally flattered (*___*) Please note, they are just sim-vanity recolours though; I did not make the meshes.

I'll post the recolours after I finish and upload the set I've been working on and tweaking all week.

#4 18-09-2013
I would love to have this - I am in dire need of simlish posters etc recolors and I just built a lot that has an open mike night and I wanted some relevant posters etc to decorate it. That looks perfect to me.


Sorry, that is a members only option