Unending fish and vegetables cheat
#11 22-09-2013 
No, I don't think so as that was the first thing I tried. If you have a neat sim, they automatically put the book back when you cancel the reading action from their queue. If you have a sloppy sim, then it is possible, but I don't have many playable sloppy sims in my game since I don't like the way they eat. Thank you very much for your suggestion though.

#12 22-09-2013 
I usually fix that by interrupting them while they're still trying to reach the book case. Or I place the book case out of reach before I interrupt their reading.
Anyway, even while one sim is reading it, another sim should still be able to get the same book from the book case at the same time.

I don't mind sloppy sims. They make me appreciate the tidy sims even more. Big Grin

#13 22-09-2013 
LOL! That is sooo true!

#14 22-09-2013 
I find it very amusing to watch neat and sloppy sims eat at the same table, the sloppy ones fling food and belch while the neat sims look on with this of disgust and horror, you should try it!

#15 23-09-2013 
I've seen neat sims get angry at sloppy sims for their filthy habits at the trough. Quite amusing Tongue

#16 23-09-2013 
When my playables have sloppy children, they teach them how to eat at the table using the 'encourage' option. Even so, I installed a mod to stop food spray. When I first started playing the sims 2, my favorite sims were so gross at the table because I wanted active outgoing nice sims and didn't like the way neat sims took forever to the make the bed when they had to hurry up and go to work. Now, I just use a mod to fix the bed making annoyance and let my sims be a bit meaner Big Grin

Edit: It should probably be noted that bad table manners gross me out IRL. When my friends have bad table manners, I don't invite them to my dinner parties, and I won't sit near them at dinner parties hosted by others.

#17 23-09-2013 
I hated the slow bedmaking too. So I wrote a mod to fix it Tongue


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