More Doors - Recolouring Advice
#1 02-10-2013 
[Image: Door-DoubleClub-White.jpg]
[Image: Door-DoubleClub.jpg]
I'm cool with the colours - going to to do the Dk Green that is missing, but now I'm thinking about the Glass Inserts.

What sort of Glass inserts would you use if you could have any?

I'm thinking a clear glass would work, and maybe a frosted glass?
But what other ones would you like? (I'm in the mood to do glass).
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#2 02-10-2013 
Stained glass? Maybe some Rennie Mackintosh?
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.

#3 02-10-2013 
Do you mean the barred overlay?

#4 02-10-2013 
Lee - Yeah - that's actually just a glass insert - the whole bar thing is a layer with alpha.

And I love fiddling with glass and alphas. Big Grin

#5 02-10-2013 
Well, in all honesty I dont like the door shape - I never never use that door but I would look at killing the overlay and making em plain glass. Always nice.

#6 02-10-2013 
There was a fair bit unpleasant in the texture - I didn't like them either, although the shape was not the problem for me.

I'm thinking about killing the glass completely - it came on me in the bathroom (where all my good ideas seem to start!) - that there's no reason I can't put wood in the window section as well.

#7 02-10-2013 
I like the idea of clear glass and frosted glass. But yeah, could try all wood and see how it looks. I do think having a window makes it more front-doorish, but there are surely times when all wood would be useful.

#8 02-10-2013 
I'd like to see clear glass myself. Or all wood. Either one would look better to me than the leaded glass.

#9 03-10-2013 
I too think the frosted glass is a good idea. I also like the clear glass recommendation!

#10 04-10-2013 
I like stained glasses Big Grin


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