Can a Sim Occupy the same tile as a decorative object?
#1 08-10-2013 
Whilst working on some vertical wall edge trims, I noticed that the Sims can't walk through the tile attached to it. I was wondering if there is any way to change it so a Sim and the wall edge can occupy the same tile.

A few technical details:
I cloned the master from the base game 'Exotic (Non)Screen from Simports, Ltd., then removed the spare tile.
I then cloned the other ones from the Master. Okay! That's about as technical as I get, sorry. I've included the master file in case anyone wants more technical stuff.

I did do a search for a tutorial, unfortunately without knowing what I'm talking about it's a little hard finding anything about this.

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#2 08-10-2013 
It needs a bhav adding to the init file. I will try and find it if nobody else beats me to it.

#3 08-10-2013 
On every object, there are flags, some of which will usually be set or reset from within a so-called Init BHAV. I'm sure there must be a flag among them that says the object can be intersected by another (usually a sim). Alas, I can at this time not help figuring out which flag that is, though. I would start by looking at the Init that is found in Painting Globals.

#4 08-10-2013 
What Lee and BO said. The flag you want to set is called "allow object and person intersection", which you do as follows:
  1. Select the init BHAV (NOT init common)
  2. There, select the second line ("my weight" etc)
  3. Click the "insert via True" button I hope you have to the right. This will copy the selected line.
  4. Then, use the pop-up wizard (the little button with a hammer and a wrench on it, next to the " button) to change your newly copied line as seen in the first picture. It should say [prim 0x0002] Expression (My 0x0008 (flags) Set Flag flag# Literal 0x0003 (allow object and person intersection)) when you're done - see second picture. Commit and save.
Now your Sims can walk through the tile, and you can place objects on it as well. Smile

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#5 08-10-2013 
Thanks guys, I'll give it a go and see what happens Nix, keep your fingers crossed.

#6 08-10-2013 
* NixNivis obediently crosses fingers Smile

BTW, the Init loads when the object is placed and then never again, so if you already have trims placed in your game you'll need to rebuy them for the change to take effect.

#7 08-10-2013 
Celebrate Yipee! it worked. Many thanks and a big bear hug Nix, my SimPE is a little different to yours, but I worked it out. Bear hugs to Lee and Bo Baby as well. ♥♥♥

I was working on Rustic/Medieval wall masks for someone and discovered they didn't cover the corners or wall edges, I went look and couldn't find vertical wall edge trims anywhere, so I made my own. If anyone want to check out the wall masks and vertical wall edge trims I uploaded them to Plum Bob Keep. Will be doing AL Wood match ones as soon as I get time.

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You can find more of my work at Mod The Sims and Plumb Bob Keep.

#8 08-10-2013 
@NixNivis: that was a perfectly detailed description of the required procedure, Nix. Thank you for chiming in!

@Michelle: I'm glad my memory isn't as shoddy as I expected. But the real work was done by Nix. I do not deserve your gratitude at this time Heart

#9 08-10-2013 
@Michelle, go you! Celebrate I'm glad you were able to figure it out even though your SimPE looks different (I'm pretty sure I have an older version). I had a look at your post at the Keep, and I think they look great. Big Grin

@BoilingOil, you're welcome! IMO it would have been rude of me not to chime in when I knew what it was we needed to do. Smile


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