More and more CC
#1 11-10-2013 
Anyone of you ever felt that you just have to have more and more CC? Big Grin Like you would be a "CC-addict"?

At least i am totally a CC-addicted Big Grin Currently having +4000 things on my downloads folder Shy Started off with eye genetics and continued on clothing and hair and finally to walls, floors, doors, chairs, beds, etc etc. Tongue

I prefer maxis match stuff ^^ And currently been looking for something wooden/stone stuff for medieval/victorian thingy Smile

What about You guys?
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#2 11-10-2013 
Total cc addict. I would have more than 5,000 folders let alone the files. Somewhere about 18 gigs.

#3 11-10-2013 
Me too Smile Have loads but only furniture, build, and decorative stuff!
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.

#4 12-10-2013 
x___x I am a clutter-holic and a 3t2 conversion junkie. I recently tried to clean up my folder to make my start up faster, nevertheless I'm at: 4.78 GB / 17,142 Files and still downloading Blush

#5 12-10-2013 
Small fry, grasshopper. Tongue Try over 50,000 files then you can worry about start up! :lol:

#6 12-10-2013 
My downloads folder contains 1325 files and is 300 MB, I only keep stuff I'm currently using in there. I have another folder with downloaded CC it's currently 6.65 GB, no idea how many files, also my external hard drive has another 7.2 GB of CC stored on it. So I suppose you could say I'm a CC addict. Blush

@magicslippers, for medieval stuff try Plumb Bob Keep or The Medieval Smithy. If you want maxis or maxis match stuff recoloured just give me a list and I'll see what I can do.

#7 12-10-2013 
*lol* fair enough, I don't think I ever hit the 50,000 number, but keep in mind, this is after clean up Big Grin here's what I removed: 3.56 GB / 12,801 Files Most of these files are clothes and stuff from older or obsolete sites. Every since creators started making 3t2 conversions, I've been replacing a lot of my older furniture and deco stuff because 3t2 conversions tend to be more maxis match.

@Michelle - love your recolours.

#8 13-10-2013 
So I have almost 19 Gb and over 44 thousand files -- but not in my game.And I know there are duplicates in there. That's my backup folder I download things into. My real game folder has 3.73 Gb and almost 18 thousand files. Whenever it gets very close to 4 Gb I go in and clear out stuff I don't like very much or don't use. I think my computer could handle over four Gb pretty well, but the catalog and the collections are annoying enough at this level.

I feel like I never have enough options for clothes, but whenever I go looking I start to thinking all the clothes look alike so I just give up. And on the other hand, I am kind of compulsive about collecting build items and signs and things like that. I have a category I call "semi-build" or "semi-structural" which is deco items meant to indicate architectural features, and while I do not believe I actually have more of that than anything else, it's the category I am always the most interested in.

#9 13-10-2013 
I am a clutter, plants, walls and wood floors, bedding, wall-hangings, hair, clothing and TS3 to TS2 conversions addict.

My game is primarily Maxis Match, but also includes quite a few items that mix in well with the game items. At the moment my DL folder stats are 8.45 GB, 87 Folders and 45,763 Files. Though everything is nice and tidy, and can be found and deleted quickly...if necessary. Shamefully, I stumbled on this topic while...downloading of course. Smile

Totally agree with you about the clothing and build items. Somehow no matter how many items I have in these categories, it's never enough...even when it probably is.


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