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Have you always felt that being a literature major should be a little more rewarding than becoming a Slacker or a Criminal? Do you feel that although your own creative writing is not up to par, you are the best person to offer writers un-asked advice about their stories? Then a career in publishing might be perfect for you! This career takes you through all the different aspects of the publishing process and you can even start working for the publishing company as a teen! If you are one of the lucky ones with a literature major, this will give you a boost when you start your career.

I have created two different versions: an adult career and a teen/elder career. Each version comes with chance cards for each level. The skills required for the adult career are: creativity, charisma and logic. The skills required for the teen/elder career are: charisma and logic. The career reward is the golf course from the business career.
Adult Career(Click to View)
Teen/Elder Career(Click to View)

Important Information
  • No expansion packs required. Uniforms, carpool and career reward are all from basegame careers.
  • EP compatible.
  • Teen/Elder career is linked to Adult career. When teens grow up, they automatically move on to the adult career.
  • Literature major is linked to Adult career, which means that sims with a literature degree can start the career at a higher level.
  • A degree is not required for this career, so University Life is not required.
  • Both careers have their own Guid, they do not overwrite Maxis careers.
  • All levels of both careers have their own chance cards.
  • Teen/Elder career requires the following skills: charisma and logic.
  • Adult career requires the following skills: charisma, creativity and logic.

I have tested the career and checked all texts for spelling errors and everything should be fine. However, I'm only human so please inform me if you find any mistakes or problems.

Additional credits
Karen lorraine, for providing me with hints and tips about real life publishing houses and Leefish for always being right about everything Wink
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You may do whatever you want as long as you credit me with a link and don't make any money from it.
Please do not convert anything from TS2 to TS3 because I might want to do that myself some time.

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#2 19-10-2013
Looks and sounds great Klaartje, well done Smile

#3 19-10-2013
Ah, I'm always on the hunt for new careers to add to the game. This looks very well done. Thank you!

Hope to see more careers from you too. Smile

#4 19-10-2013
It looks great and I am especially pleased that it has the teen career too.


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