Font awesome doesn't work with Firefox and only on registration page
#1 23-10-2013 
Hi Lee, I have a problem with Font Awesome.

Only on registration page (and only with Firefox, Chrome is good, as always Tongue ), I don't see font icons, I see this:


Do you know why?

I have file of awesome in headerinclude, so it should works on all pages :/ thank you

#2 23-10-2013 
OMGOSH is this on leefish????

* leefish flails

#3 23-10-2013 
LOL no!!
It's on my site web Big Grin

#5 23-10-2013 
Thank you, it was a my fail Sad

I have to use always this: {$mybb->settings['bburl']}

#6 24-10-2013 
Big Grin no probs, glad you figured it out


Sorry, that is a members only option