Oh Hai
#1 26-10-2013 

Hey guys.

Its nice to meet you all. Some of you I've met/seen in threads over at MTS2 a little while back, some of you I'm new to, and some of you I feel I've met cos I've already heard a lot about you...

I'm Karen_Lorraine's eldest, so I'm sure some of you have already heard lots about me too... Wink I've been a simmer for quite a number of years, and a year or so ago I did some uploading for Sims2 content over on ModTheSims, mostly residential lots. (Sorry guys, its my fault she discovered sims websites... although if you're glad, then *ahem* I believe the credit is mine Wink ) I've been a little preoccupied for the last little while, but mum's been naggi- I mean, encouraging me!- to come back to Sims, so I figure nows a good time to do it. I've recently had a computer breakdown and replacement, so I've lost all my old files, and decided in the process to upgrade to Sims3. So I've now got a total of ... *checks watch* ... 12hours-ish experience there... lets see how this goes...

Give me some time, and then I hope to please you all with more creations. Until then, there's always chat Smile

To do list:
# Create Profile (tick)
# Introduce myself on intro thread (tick)
# Work out how to change my signature
# Other fun things...

Ell xx
Ellenia, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Oct 2013.

#2 26-10-2013 
Yay! You've made my day twice today, welcome to Leefish Smile

Loves you
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.

#3 26-10-2013 
Hi, Ellenia! Welcome to Leefish! Big Grin Don't believe anything your mum has told you about us, we're all perfectly sane and well-adjusted. Wink

#4 26-10-2013 
wave G'Day Ellenia welcome to Leefish.

#5 26-10-2013 
Welcome to Leefish! Glad your computer breakdown is all fixed now. Smile

#6 27-10-2013 
Hey, welcome. Good job at getting your mum interested in Sims - if you hadn't we wouldn't have met her.

Sims3 hey? Well, its a great game if you like to build Big Grin

#7 27-10-2013 
Hi Ellenia! Good Job! We love having your mum here.

[Image: welcome.gif]

#8 27-10-2013 
Welcome to Leefish! And Sims3 is a very good choice, not only for builders, Lee! Wink Hope to see some of your creations soon!

#9 27-10-2013 
Welcome Ellenia Big Grin

#10 27-10-2013 
Welcome! Welcome! As an only child, I envy those of you who can enjoy sims with your siblings. It must be a SIMply awesome experience Big Grin ehehe! Corny jokes aside, I look forward to getting to know you better here at Leefish.


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