Today, Leefish taught Klaartje and me how to recolour a picture. So here is the result of the online tutorial. Thank you Lee Big Grin

Done it!

A surprise for Lee Big Grin Just couldn't get one to work and have no idea why, but the others have.


Update: Finally I managed to work out photoshop and recoloured a frame.


Learning how to recolour Screenshot          
#2 31-10-2013
It's pretty Smile And Leefish is so helpful~✰

#3 31-10-2013
Very good photo Big Grin compliments Smile

#4 31-10-2013
Yea, it went really fast - we used a psd from plasticbox and just did a "makealong" in chat. It was fun. We will be doing meshing next Big Grin


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