• Terrifying Elevator Prank
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Quote:A Brazilian prank show causes minor heart attacks when they terrorize participants with a creepy little girl in an elevator.

I think this is supposed to be funny but mostly I just feel bad for those poor people -- I'd die.

#2 01-11-2013
OMG. Madly unfunny Sad

#3 01-11-2013
HAHAHAHA. Y'all are nuts, that was FUNNY. Rofl Angel

#4 01-11-2013
LOL You're terrible!

#5 01-11-2013
Has any of you seen the original (Japanese) Dark Water? 'Cause I'm pretty sure the person who came up with this has. Smile Which isn't to say I wouldn't have a minor heart attack too if this happened to me. Tongue

#6 01-11-2013
Umm. No, I haven't seen that. At the risk of totally destroying my reputation..... actual horror movies creep me out. Tongue

#7 01-11-2013
Funny until someone has a heart attack. I really don't think terrifying people is right or safe- unless you know them really well. What is one of them had a weak heart? Or had a different reaction and attacked that child?

#8 02-11-2013
No. Just... no.

I'd probably try to talk to the little girl - a la "I see dead people" style. You know, try to help her do whatever she needed doing.

#9 02-11-2013
If this is what passes for humor and entertainment these days, I'm glad I threw out my telly years ago.

#10 02-11-2013
If one suffers from heart, he dies there Confused
I would die too Big Grin


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