OUGC Show in Portal and threads in index.php
#1 02-11-2013 
Hi Lee, I don't remember how to have threads preview in homepage with OUGC Show in Portal Sad

You helped me with it, I added threads (with image and title) in site.com/index.php and they were divided also in samples, contests, discounts etc.

It was very queries and page was a little slow, but better this than add manually all Sad

Could you remember procedure? thank you very much

#2 02-11-2013 
Ok, I answer me, so I'll remember in future Big Grin

- Add query of portal latest threads;
- Rename it as portal latest thread 2, 3, etc
- Add in global templates: portal_latestthreads2, portal_latestthreads_thread2 etc
- Add in template: {$latestthreads2}, {$latestthreads3} etc

what do you think? Big Grin something missing, maybe preview of the threads Sad

I have tried to add {$thread['postpreview']} code, but doen't work, obviously
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#3 29-01-2014 
New problem Sad

I'm trying with AND t.fid IN('123') but doensn't appear it Sad

If I use AND t.fid NOT IN('15','20','43','44','68','45','36','121','127','128','119','132','150','153','143' etc ) works.. but I would like to have only 123 forum

#4 29-01-2014 
Again, nothing Lee, I have resolved it. I'm becoming more silly Big Grin the last faint put me out of place the gears

123 was number of a category, not of a forum :/ if I use 16, for example, it works normally Big Grin sorry

#5 30-01-2014 
lol Deb, thank you for the question and the answer Big Grin


Sorry, that is a members only option