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#1 07-11-2013 
Hi everyone, I've been working on some pictures to go with my LACK recolours. I'm using Plasticbox's template as a base for two different sets: one white and the other black. The white one looks nicely 3D, but I can't get the shadows right on the black one. Any tips or tricks? Thanks!
[Image: 51708_131107144758-Set2Part1.jpg]
[Image: 51709_131107144819Set2Part2.jpg]
[Image: 51705_131107122112-IKEAset1part1.jpg]
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#2 07-11-2013 
I actually think they look really good. Not sure what the issue is. Perhaps you could add more of a highlight to the black frame if you want it to look more 3D?

But yeah, I like the frames and the artwork you chose to use. It looks great IMHO, as do your presentation pics with the nice furniture setups and everything. Smile

#3 07-11-2013 
Thanks fansee Smile I think the black passepartouts look a little flat compared to the white ones, will play around with the shadowing tomorrow.

#4 08-11-2013 
Not sure if this will make sense to you or not, as I don't work with layers or in Photoshop. When putting shadows on black or dark colours I always increase the opacity to 100% and reduce it for white or light colours to around 75%. most the time it's a case of trial and error until it feels right.

I'm never happy with my work as far as I'm concerned none of it is perfect, so a little trick I use is to sit back, look at it and think if it was uploaded by any of the creators I admire would I download it.

ETA I forgot to mention they look fantastic, love the prints you have chosen. Can I ask a favour can you add the attached print. pretty please.

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#5 08-11-2013 
Thanks Michelle, that makes sense, I will try to make the shadows darker and have a couple of different versions to try. Taking a step back is a good tip Smile Also, I think you will be pleasantly surprised when these are up for download...!


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