Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
#1 11-11-2013 

And the thing is, they both looked a lot more beautiful without any editing...
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#2 11-11-2013 
Well, as someone who has suffered from self-esteem issues based on my appearance for most of my life I think what the Dove company is doing is really good.

And I promise not to edit my sims pics before upload Big Grin

#3 11-11-2013 
They at least were more *real* before the edit. But in a society where makeup is booming business, and thigh gap is required to even be a candidate for a modelling career, we shouldn't be surprised that we can't trust our eyes anymore.

I've always had an aversion against the use of too much makeup, just like I'm not a fan of piercings and tattooing either. I prefer the beauty that's in a person's character/personality, anyway.

#4 11-11-2013 
Gosh. I knew they photoshopped pics for magazines, but never realized they did THAT much to them. Changing the actual facial features and the length of limbs and necks... sheesh.

#5 12-11-2013 
If there's so little of the real person left, it kind of makes you wonder why there needs to be a human involved at all, doesn't it?

#6 12-11-2013 
Yup, they could just take a picture of any bitch (a female DOG, people), or even her poo, and then do their magic on it.


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