• True Blood Crack
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Linked by fansee in chat or tumblr or somewhere. idek.

#2 06-12-2013
Tumblr! It was on my tumblr dash. Was too awesome to not reblog even though it's got nothing to do with sims.

It's a must watch if you like True Blood. Big Grin

#3 06-12-2013
I love the 'died in my arms' bit (a lot) and the burglar song bit. <-- is something wrong with me for loving this song?! *hide yo kids, hide yo wife..."

#4 06-12-2013
LOL - there's bits in this that I go - I'm really glad I never watched True Blood, and there's bits in this that I go, I really wish I'd watched true blood.

But that was fabulous!


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