A neat Christmas stunt pulled by a Canadian airline. Yeah it's for an ad, but still. Big Grin

#2 10-12-2013
You know - I don't care that it's an ad - it's still a very cool thing to do! Big Grin

And I also think if advertising was more like this? It would have less of a bad reputation to be working in the advertising industry.

#3 10-12-2013
Oh my gosh, that's probably the best holiday ad I've ever seen. I got so wrapped up while watching this that I actually started crying when the passengers realized what was happening. I hope they paid their advertising consultants well... I'm sure they've got loyal customers for life with that and a bunch of new ones on the way.

#4 10-12-2013
me too nanashi - esp. the passengers who were overwhelmed by it and were crying themselves. I think it would have made their christmas, that sort of surprise.

#5 10-12-2013
"No way!" Big Grin Ad or not, this was quite possibly one of the most awesomest things I've ever seen.

#6 10-12-2013
Wow. Thanks for sharing that fansee - yea, its an ad, but what an awesome one, I think it really is cool.

* leefish is NOT wiping away a tear. Is just something in my eye. Yea.

#7 11-12-2013
That was so awesome. And yeah, it did make me cry- which was totally unexpected.

You all know that things like that happen for real, right? Maybe not on that scale but they do. Proof? Ok. I know someone who was pregnant. It wasn't her first child and she happened to be married to a real bum. She'd been working but had to quit- her Dr. told her she was in danger of losing the baby if she didn't (she ended up having to have that baby early, so the danger was truly there) and her's was their only income at the time. She was working with an agency for simple things- diapers (because she still had one child in diapers), toddler clothes, emotional support.. stuff like that. Well, she had an appointment there one day and before she left they insisted that she take a box of cookies from a bakery with her. She tried to tell them she didn't want the cookies but someone actually followed her to her car with them and made her take them! On the way home she decided she wanted a cookie after all. On top of the cookies was a brand new $100.00 bill. She cried all the way home. That's what I heard anyway....

#8 11-12-2013
Gosh, that's a great story, MLC.

And yeah, the commercial might've made me cry a little too. What a sappy group we are. Tongue


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